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Emily Kirk (Christina) is an actress and comedian from Evansville, Indiana. She studied theatre in Indiana and has also trained in film acting and improv while living in Los Angeles. She's in two sketch groups, Mixed Nuts and The Madcap Underground and has been doing stand up comedy since 2016. Including Happenstance, she's performed at the 4th Annual Laugh Riot Grrrl Comedy Festival, produced and starred in  CLOSER: A Scene Reimagined, starred in Prey Film's upcoming feature Vengeance Girl and starred in the short film, Farrah . Along with acting, she loves wearing wigs, making latte art and performing with her boyfriend in their cover band, Devily.

Christian Sullivan (Keith) is an actor and musician who comes from St. Louis, Missouri. After studying in St. Louis, New York, and Los Angeles, he loves performing on both film and the stage. Along with Happenstance, he's starred in two independent shorts to be released, Playing Ourselves and Valve, as well as a Friday the 13th fan film, Mythos. Christian is also the lead vocals for the Los Angeles band, The Modern Mad.


Chris Van Valey (Director of Photography) moved to Los Angeles to pursue music  and studied acting for 5 years.  To learn as much as possible, from all angles,  he worked in the production world of commercials, music videos, and cinema for nearly a decade.  He then started a new business and spent time traveling the U.S. and the world, meeting people from all walks, seeing spectacular earth,  witnessing incredible light, and gathering amazing and simple experiences while capturing many of them with his camera.  He's covered subjects from fashion, travel, fine art, portraiture, sneakers, runways, short films, promo videos, and much more. He was accepted and studied in the Mastered-Photography program with Nick Knight and has most recently turned his focus into cinematography and has studied with some of the best people in that world through the Global Cinematography Institute.   

Devin Johnson (Composer) is a composer from Los Angeles, California. Deeply inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s long time collaborative composer, Bernard Herrmann, Devin attended the UCLA composer’s program and eventually began working as an assistant at Remote Control Productions. Since then, he has composed music for films that went to festivals including Cannes, Toronto Film Festival, Sundance, and South by Southwest. Upcoming films he has scored in 2018 include "Carte Blanche" and "Butcher Boy" directed by Eva Doležalová and additional score for the video game "Just Cause 4" in collaboration with Zach Abramson and YouTooCanWoo. When he’s not composing music, he enjoys covering songs with his girlfriend and cheering on the Los Angeles Kings. 



Additional crew:

Brett Emanuel

(Assistant Director)

Michelle Gernon

(Script Supervisor/Production Assistant/Hair)

Richard Trejo


Erika Barillas